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How do I add or update my email signature?
How do I add or update my email signature?

Information on configuring your email signature for emails from The Layer

Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

Users can update their own signature for emails coming from The Layer, by accessing their own user settings. To do this, click on your user name in the top-left of the screen:

From here, access Signature within the Edit tab.

Your signature should be entered into the text box. Basic formatting tools are available.

You can also click on the </> button to view and edit the signature's HTML, to make more advanced changes.

For example, to add an image:

  • Save the image in the files on the instance first

  • In HTML view within the signature, enter the code in format:

<img src="" />

Users with a 365 maintenance account configured

If you have a Maintenance account set up, your signature can be configured to be automatically applied from your exchange server/365 account. This is because it receives the email from The Layer before it gets sent to the recipient. Using this feature means that you do not need to add a signature in your profile in The Layer.

Once you are happy with your signature you can click on save and this template will be saved and used when you send emails from The Layer.

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