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Sage Integration - sub-company and Sage company mapping
Sage Integration - sub-company and Sage company mapping
Written by Raymond Carrel
Updated over a week ago

As part of the initial Sage integration set-up, it is possible to map Layer sub-companies to different Sage Companies within the same Sage account.

This will be configured by The Layer during your initial set-up. We recommend contacting The Layer if you wish to make changes.

Mapping Sub-companies to Layer Companies

Settings - Sage / Intacct - Map Sub Companies

If your instance of The Layer does not use sub companies, you will only see the Default Company entry. If there are multiple Sage companies in your Sage account, you can choose which one to map to.

Multiple sub-companies in The Layer can be synced to the same Sage Company.

Working with Sub-companies

As usual, you will be required to select a sub-company for your order before you invoice.

This sub-company will be reflected on the invoice.

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