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Creating & Editing Workstacks
Creating & Editing Workstacks

How to create and edit workstacks

Written by Caroline Livingstone
Updated over a week ago

Workstacks can be used by staff members in your company to manage their own workload by creating dedicated browsing sessions that focus on different things. They are available in different formats for all modules and are a staple of the Layer System and how it can be used.


Creating and editing workstacks requires different permissions within the ‘Roles’ section of the user.

In order for a user to be able to create workstacks, they must not have the Disable Browsing Session Template Creation selected, as this prevents them from creating workstacks.

In order for a user to be able to edit workstacks, they must have the Beta role selected.

Creating a Workstack

Workstack creation is done using the New Template section on the left-hand side of any module. This section includes a Select Type drop down that allows you to use from several different workstack types of varying usage. When you have selected the type you would like, a creation pop-up appears that allows you to fill in details that you would like to show within the workstack.

Available work stack types include:

  • Appointment Feedback

  • Asset (Package)

  • Asset (Product)

  • Asset (Service)

  • Campaign

  • Case

  • Commission

  • Contact

  • Credit Note

  • Customer

  • Expiry

  • Invoice

  • Invoice Payment

  • Lead

  • Opportunity

  • Product

  • Purchase Order

  • Quotation

  • Sales Order

  • Sales Order

  • Service

  • Stock

  • Task

Editing a Workstack

If you should need to edit a workstack once it has already been created, you can do this by checking in Saved Stacks within a module.

From here, the Edit button can be found besides the Subscription column.

The creation pop up will then appear again, allowing you to select and deselect any information on the page and Save at the bottom to enable the changes.

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