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How to set up contact screen popping
How to set up contact screen popping

This article outlines how users could to set up contact screen popping from a voice solution

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Depending on the voice solution you're using, it may be possible possible to open a Layer search result directly from incoming call details.

The following URL is a shortcut to our global search endpoint on our web app, with the keyword included.

With this method, it should be possible to set up your telephony application to open an application like Google Chrome with the URL above (with the keyword replaced with the incoming phone number) to direct the user to search results for the incoming call.


The most popular integrator is Go Integrator, which is available for a number of telephony systems, including Horizon and BT Wholesales Hosted Centrex, HV Select, BT Phone, TalkExpress.

If you require assistance with a specific telephony platform, please reach out to our service team for more information.

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