Uploading your company logo

Information on your own company logo as it appears in The Layer

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Your company logo will have been uploaded to The Layer during your on-boarding, in order that it may appear in-app as well as in customer-facing documents and interface elements

To upload a replacement image, go to Settings - Company Setup and open the Logos tab.

As your logo will appear in a number of different places, in different sizes and sometimes proportions, you will be able to upload multiple versions of it.

Suggested sizes

The suggested image sizes are:

  • App Logo: 240px width, 42px height

  • Quotation Logo - Large: 277px width, 133px height

  • Quotation Logo - Small: 90px width, 22px height

  • Portal Logo: 240px width, 80px height

  • Forms Logo: 240px width, 42px height

App Logo

This is the logo that will appear to Layer users, shown in the top-left corner of the screen.

Large Logo (Quote) and Small Logo (Quote)

These two logos will be used by your output templates when the following snippets are used:

  • $$company_logo_lg$$

  • $$company_logo_sm$$

App Logo (External)

This will appear in some customer-facing communications, such as the quotation sign interface, and the case rating prompt.

App Logo (Portal)

This image will be used if you have the self-service portal enabled for your customers.

Forms Logo (Forms)

This logo will be shown at the top of any forms that you set up.

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