Customer assets can be mapped to new services on a quotation. This forms a link that is carried through to the sales order stage. This is useful for keeping track of renewed and upgraded items.

The feature lets you take advantage of a number of conveniences and allows you to present information on the renewed asset in your quotations.

It also enables the optional addition of auto-calculated deal termination offsets to quotation profits.

Enabling opportunity asset mapping for a product classification

This feature can be enabled on a per-product classification basis e.g. Renewal, Port, Upgrade. The names may differ in your instance.

Administrators can enable the setting by following these instructions.

Adding an existing asset to a new or existing opportunity

Customer assets can be added to an opportunity in a few different ways/

1. From the customer record - Assets tab.

2. From an Asset stack (renewals stack):

You can drag the Customer column to the top of the table to filter by customers, as below. You can also use the Check All button to select all assets to be renewed for specific customers.

This leads to the following view:

Here you can see details of the asset, including figures for the remaining revenue and profit. These values are used for deal termination calculations.

You can choose to add the services to an existing opportunity, or create a new one, as below.

Please note the Open Opps field, which will highlight any opportunities that the service has already been linked to.

Once you have done this, the assets will be detailed on the Customer Service Assets tab of the opportunity record.

Use the Quotations tab to create a quotation off the back of this opportunity, or create an opportunity and link it to this one during creation.

Mapping opportunity assets to new services in the quotation builder

In order to map the assets you have added to the opportunities, the appropriate classification must be set against the new tariffs (i.e. renewal, upgrade). When the classification has been set you will see the option to map opportunity assets.

Click Map Opportunity Assets to see a list of linked assets. Check the assets you want, and click Save.

Then add the item to your quotation as usual.

You can confirm linked assets by clicking on the item name, and looking at the Mapped Assets tab. You can also remove the mapping by clicking Delete.

Auto-mapping at sales order stage in Data Capture

At sales order level, you can use the auto-map button in Data Capture to pull through some details from the original asset, e.g. MSIDN or equivalent.

Adding details on renewed assets to quotation output

It's possible to include information relating to linked assets on the customer's quotation document.

For more information, check this article.

Using auto-calculated deal termination

Enabling opportunity asset mapping for a product classification

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